Week 2 - The Final Stand (March 5, 2008)

Welcome to Week 2 of the Facebook Songs! I hope you enjoyed "A Year in the Life - 2017" and "A Year in the Life / Move On" last week; I definitely enjoyed making them, and I can't wait to see what happens this week.

This week's song is called "The Final Stand." It's the first song that I wrote whose recording still exists. Check it out below, and be sure to read past the lyrics to compare your thoughts on the song to mine.

This is my final stand
She locked the door, she threw away the key
And so this is my final stand
For there's nothing left inside of me

Nothing to see
Nothing to be
No reason at all
To regret being gone

And so this is my final stand
I'll proclaim it across the seas
I have lost the one most dear to me

The stars would all fall
If I rejected the call
But the angel would not weep
For I was not among
Those for whom her tears sung
And now I cannot speak

I'll sing a song
It will never be wrong
Your word will be my guide
I thought I was lost
And maybe I was
But quite to my surprise

It was my final stand
But not in the way that you'd think
It was the last time that
I knew what it was to need

I found all the love
That I could ever need
With you I am well pleased
The words of the old
Were fulfilled as you told
The truth grew from the seed

The rainbow in the sky
Dried every tear I cried
Though now she is gone
I have found what I want
With you by my side!

This is my final stand
You will all bow to the king
For he will rule this land
With kindness and love you couldn't conceive

For those on whom
His good favor rests
The spirit shall set upon
And those who repent
Shall too see the sunrise
That he calls from rest

This truly is great
So he has told me
The man that let me speak
He is the way, the word
The truth, the one
That you should seek

And you too will have your stand
All of your loved ones you will leave
Such is the way that he
Will bestow upon you his great deeds

Though he has died
He shall once again rise
From the sun born in the east
His truth shall be known
His dominion shall own
All that there is to be!

But I still remember her
With a great longing in my heart
He cannot fill this abyss
That was left when we split apart

Whoever said that love lost
Was better than having none
Was so clearly wrong
You need someone
At your side

So maybe this all
Was just a delay
Maybe I was supposed to fall
This cannot end well
I'm right back in my hell
And I know....I know

That this will be my final stand
And this time there'll be no repose

My final stand is coming
And I know it must come fast
I just cannot last in this
Cruelest of worlds
So myself aside I shall cast

This is the final stand
But I am ready for my rest
I'll be with him so soon
I know that I will be blessed

I know it is time
The end is nigh
But I know that it's OK
For I will be saved
From the cold grave

And I know our final stands
Won't be in vain!

Louis' Thoughts in 2017

  • This. Is. So. Religious. It makes sense, because I was a pretty good Catholic boy when I wrote it.
  • Too long. Cut it down lots.
  • "But I still remember her / With a great longing in my heart / He cannot fill this abyss / That was left when we torn apart"
    • Who is this "her"?
    • What is that meter?
  • This song is definitely a song by a teenager. But it's not bad.

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