A Mashup with the Past

But you have to want to mend
And don’t you dare pretend
That anything you do
Is meant to heal you
You know that isn’t true
— Move On, 2013 (from Mirror Image)
And no, you’ll never be rid of them
These memories, they’re with you ‘til the end
But do they control you or can you own them?
You have to want to let your heart mend
— A Year in the Life, 2008

I listened to my 15-year old self sing last night, over and over, looking for inspiration to write about "A Year in the Life." I didn't expect my voice to sound so different.

That's not what I first noticed about "A Year in the Life," though. My first impression of the song was "damn this is unnecessarily long" during the second super-long transition.

(Around 3:38, to be specific, and then again around 3:53, and every 10 seconds after 6:00). I do appreciate my younger self's lack of restraint in expressing himself musically, but I need to get to the point a little more succinctly, I think.

My next observation was that the song was fairly similar to "Move On" from Mirror Image, and in fact I had semi-consciously stolen a lyric from "Year" while writing it. So I decided to put together a short mash-up of small excerpts from each song. The whole thing is just about two minutes long, and I don't think it needs any more.

The 2008 recording of "A Year in the Life" is bombastic and melodramatic. I definitely overdid it with the strings and organ. For this experiment, I decided to strip it down to the bare essentials - guitar and vocals - with accompaniment rhythms that evoke Mirror Image's finale "Live Out Loud" in addition to "Move On."

If you like YouTube videos, check out this one I made using my rudimentary self-taught Premiere skills. While you do, I'll just spend a couple minutes wishing I had taken a film editing class in college.

Check back this Friday for the final recording of the first Facebook Song, "A Year in the Life"!

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