A Year in the Life - September 26, 2008

Introducing the first Facebook Song, "A Year in the Life." Named to pay homage to my favorite Beatles song, "A Day in the Life" was my attempt capture the essence of the angst that my friends and I were experiencing at the time.

Today, all I remember of those circumstances is that I wrote the song the morning after the Sweet Sixteen of one of my closest friends. In retrospect, I can see that everyone's teen angst was being misdirected towards each other. I won't say that the experiences weren't important then, because of course they were, but I will say that they are certainly not important now.

Source: www.timeanddate.com

Source: www.timeanddate.com

I posted this song 3,363 days ago. That's nine years, two months, and five days ago. And yet, when I read the lyrics yesterday - for the first time since high school - I felt that it still mattered to me today. In some way, I felt that I wrote the words then for myself now.

If that seems kind of farfetched and/or confusing, I understand! It's how I feel, but it definitely does defy logic. I'll be reflecting more on these feelings in the coming days. For now, here's the song! And below that, you'll find the note text from 2008.

Note Text - September 26, 2008

I wrote this song (from the album of the same name, which is eventually going to be the four season suites) for a whole bunch of people who will, of course, remain anonymous. They probably don't now and won't ever know it's for them. Still, I had to mention them, because I really didn't want to be the only one this song connected to. It's the finale to the album, by the way, so I hope it's epic enough for that title.

You could take me away from here
If you only knew the way
And you could show me how not to fear
If you only weren't afraid

And you know now, you can't hide the pain
And nothing that you ever do
Will ever be the same
But you hold on, crying in the rain
Looking to the sky and wondering
What you became

And you just keep looking back to then
Seeing things so happy, full of stars
It's true, you don't know what the future brings
But I'll tell you something, it makes you who you are

Who are you to judge on me?
You don't know a thing of where I've been
Can't you see that I'm trying?
And since when is trying a sin?

Yes I know how foolish it must seem
To spend your whole life pining
For a distant memory
And you think you know how loudly I scream
Into the night when all I need
Is someone to love me

But don't pretend you know my pain
You could never feel it if you tried
And don't you preach, you're not a saint
Don't you dare to tell me about pride

Well I could take you away from here
If you wouldn't push me away
And I could show you how not to fear
If your mind were truly on today

It's your last chance, come along with me
Throw regrets into the ether
Set your spirit free
Life will go on; despite what you may think
The truth is only you can choose
Exactly what you'll be

And no, you'll never be rid of them
These memories, they're with you 'til the end
But do they control you or can you own them?
You have to want to let your heart mend

Don't make the same mistakes I made
If not for me then do it for yourself
Turn sadness into smiles and then
Your heart will be a place where gladness dwells

Love, embrace this perfect life

Facebook looked like this when Barack Obama was elected. Source:  Daily Dot .

Facebook looked like this when Barack Obama was elected. Source: Daily Dot.