I Released an Album Today - An FAQ

What’s the album?

It’s called Cracks - Music from The Julie Cycle. It’s currently available on Bandcamp. You can stream it for free right now, or you can download the whole album for just $3. You can also name a higher price if you like, but we’ll get to that later.

What is The Julie Cycle?

The Julie Cycle is a theater piece by Poltergeist Theater Project that challenges us to do the hard work required to break the cycles of abuse that we all have found ourselves been caught in.

Why are some songs $1 to download and others free?

I want to encourage people to download and listen to the album in order. To download the whole album one track at a time would cost $5, whereas the whole album is available to download for $3. I grew up listening to and adoring albums that were designed to be heard from beginning to end in order. This is a small way for me to honor those roots while acknowledging the reality of 21st-century distribution.

Also, the pieces that are $0 are soundscapes that I suspect might lend themselves most easily to samples and remixes. In order to keep the cost down for anyone so inspired by the music, I wanted to keep them available for free.

Can I pay more than $1/$3/$5 because I think the music is amazing?

Of course, and thanks for thinking the music is amazing! Every price listed on Bandcamp is a minimum. So if you think the album is worth more than $3 and want to show your support, please pay whatever you feel it’s worth!

And remember, the songs I chose to release for $0 are actually “pay what you like”, so if you like the song and wanna show some love, feel free to do so using the language of money.

Why does the Bandcamp page say “Some Rights Reserved” instead of “All Rights Reserved”?

All of the tracks on Cracks are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. That means, if you legally obtain the tracks, you may alter and use them however you like, with a caveat — the derived work that you create must also be released under the same license.

The precise legalities are probably above my pay grade, but here’s the bottom line - I own the copyright on these songs. I have elected to license them this way. If you use them for something and release what you created, you will own the copyright on that work. Then, you will be legally obligated to release that work under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

Why not just release it under full copyright?

Because I believe traditional copyright as an institution to protect artists has run its course. The evidence is myriad that our system of copyrighting music is unsustainable, and no longer reflects the reality of how music is made (if it ever did). It’s a stupid system that stupidly upholds the notion that any piece of art belongs to any single creator.

Watch this video on the Lady Gaga “Shallow” lawsuit for more background on this topic.

Anything else?

My dream is to see Cracks turn into what I’m calling a “living album” — edited and updated when new collaborators are inspired by it. These songs beg to be remixed and expanded, and I want those expansions and remixes to have a home on Cracks. Check out the Living Album History to learn more.