Concept Album Update #1

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You probably know about Infinite by now. If you don't, check out its page and this blog post for more information. If you do, though, then you know that we started recording a concept album this weekend. Today, I want to invite you into that process with me!

On Saturday, November 4th, I went into the studio with drummer Matt Bertken to set up the drums in the space, get acclimated, and lay down a few preliminary tracks. Mostly, we just admired the space and talked about a game plan for Sunday. Here are a couple of pictures from that day:

Then, on Sunday, with Justin and Matt both in tow (along with album co-producer Jared Cavazos), we were ready to start a process called "tracking." This process entailed us playing through each song multiple times.

Tracking "This One's for You

Tracking "This One's for You

Our primary goal in this process is to capture a solid, energetic drum track upon which we can build the studio version of the song. Additionally, we tried to capture the energy of each song as performed at the concert.

We made it through five songs in three hours before calling it a night, satisfied with the tracks we had laid down so far and excited to go into the studio next week to keep working.

Want a taste of what we did yesterday? Check out these samples from the 11/5 session. Remember - these are raw recordings. They haven't been mixed, fixed, or anything. This is exactly what we heard in the studio when we were recording. Enjoy!

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