Through its moving music and stellar direction, the show invites us to examine not only the ways in which David’s current choices mirror those of his past but also the ways in which this narrative mirrors our own as artists and dreamers.
— Madeleine Bixler, Stanford Daily

Mirror Image, an original musical by Louis Lagalante and Patty Kim Hamilton, follows the lives of three friends as they grow apart and come back together over ten years. The musical uses intersecting, non-linear vignettes to explore how our past decisions shape our present circumstances and how we can preserve the dreams we used to have even as we move on to new ones.


Mirror Image was first produced in March 2015 at Stanford University through a collaboration between the Stanford Music Department, the Stanford Arts Institute, and the Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.  Special thanks to these private donors for their support of the production.

The song "Move On" from Mirror Image was performed in the Student Leadership Project concert "Beyond Words" in July 2015.

Mirror Image embodies many of the anxieties that college students have, especially the ones who dabble in the arts and have dreams about Hollywood or New York— dreams that seemed shiny and unshakeable in high school but now, on the precipice of leaving our extracurricular paradise for the real world, look daunting.
— Kelsey Dayton, Stanford Arts Review