Mirror Image Details + Media

Music & Lyrics by Louis Lagalante
Book by Patty Hamilton

Development / Production History

Selected Audio

Detailed Synopsis

Mirror Image takes place in the Crane Apartment over ten years in the lives of three friends – David, Kiera, and Mike. We first meet the three friends as struggling young artists who have received an offer to write the soundtrack for a Hollywood blockbuster (“Move On”). We then move forward ten years in time, where we see that only Mike has achieved the success that was once on the horizon all three of them.

Kiera and Dave (now going by David) are in a loving but stagnant marriage (“Wake Up”), and Mike has just hit it big with a pop radio hit (“Trying to Live Again”). When Mike comes back to New York, memories of Kiera and Dave’s courtship (“Inertia, pt. 1”) and marriage (“Maybe You and I”) shed a bittersweet light on the lives the three former best friends are leading.

Kiera and Dave decide to revisit their once-upon-a-time plan to have children (“Inertia, pt. 2”) just before Mike reveals the reason he came back to New York in the first place: to invite David to come on tour with him. Kiera and Mike are excited by the prospect of getting the old David back (“Inertia, pt. 3”), but David is conflicted because the memories of the past are still holding him back (“Mirror Image”). We learn that Joan has been diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer, and that he chose to stay behind in New York to support her. This temporary stay ultimately grew into the ten-year separation.

David decides to join Mike’s tour, but things don’t go as smoothly as expected (“Back to You”). Simultaneously, Kiera gets pregnant, leading David to consider abandoning the tour. Kiera fights with him over this decision, and she briefly storms out in frustration at his arrested development. At this, David’s most alone moment, we see a long-buried memory come flooding back, that of his mother’s last song for him (“Sing a Song”). With this memory in mind, he breaks his arrangements with Mike via text message, which leads to a huge explosive fight between the three former friends (“Clean the Slate”).

A few months later, the tour is going fine without David. Kiera attempts to connect with David, but things are worse than they were before. His grief is now consuming him as it did when his mom first passed away, which leads him to shut out Kiera. However, when she suffers a miscarriage (“Kiera’s Lament”), he realizes that she needs him now just as much as he has needed her. He calls Mike, who leaves his tour to come help his friends.

They all stand together, acknowledging that the people in your life are always there, even if the dreams you shared change or fall away. David says goodbye to the lost dream he’s been holding onto and embraces a new one, but still, as ever, with Kiera and Mike (“Live Out Loud”).

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