(Working Title)

Hey, check out this thing I made while I was writing this blog post!

First, a quote. I see this quote every day because my roommate got it on a poster, and he put the poster on the wall in our common area. It's a long quote, but since digital ink is free and it's inspiring to me, I'm gonna post it in its entirety. I challenge you to condense it in a way that stays true to its original spirit:

This poster. I miss it.

This poster. I miss it.

Now: The word "Bizzartifacts" first came to me as a fragment, just a word out of the ether that sounded interesting to me. By November 24, 2015 - around 10pm, to be precise - I had decided it would be the title of my new EP of assorted songs that I had written that didn't have a home.

It was to be a project totally independent of Infinite. It would grow alongside the musical, but it would be its own thing - an outlet for the ideas that couldn't find a home in Infinite or Mirror Image. It would comprise orphaned songs from my past (abandoned) projects and totally new songs that were just weird. Bizarre. Bizzartifacts.

It never happened. Also, the extra "z" is because it looks better that way to me.

That is not a lot of songs. Two of them ended up in  Infinite . And I never even finished typing up "End of Days."

That is not a lot of songs. Two of them ended up in Infinite. And I never even finished typing up "End of Days."

(Tangent: The screenshot is from OneNote, the application I use to take almost all of my notes across devices. Sometimes I use the iPhone notes app, sometimes I use Sticky Notes on my desktop, but most of the time I use OneNote. If you keep reading my blog posts, you're going to get to know OneNote well, so I thought I'd introduce you now).

Most of those bizzartifacts ended up in Infinite, and none of them were new. I only generated a few new concepts that night, in the "Themes" tab (see above). The "brainstorm" tab was home to one page that might as well have been empty:

The hottest of takes. To be a song as of 11/24/2015.

The hottest of takes. To be a song as of 11/24/2015.

Looking back, it's pretty obvious what was happening: I was trying to educate myself while absolving myself of responsibility for my own ignorance up to that point, and of any ignorance that I might unintentionally act upon in the future. The task was impossible and wrongheaded, so it's no surprise the project went nowhere. It was, to use the words of Ira Glass, "just not that good."

Truly, it was not a project at all in 2015. It was just a name. And I like the name. So I'm keeping it, for now. Bizzartifacts - or Bizartifacts, now I can't decide one a single or double "z" - is now the (working title) for my previously announced EP. I'm excited to have found and repurposed this little piece of my artistic past as I move forward as an artist and as a person.

Until next time!